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Books and video available on Enlightenment Intensives
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  Polishing the Mirror*FREE*
to the Enlightenment Intensive Retreat by Jeremiah Jeff Love

  The Quantum Gods, The Origin and Nature of Matter and Consciousness by Jeff Love

  The Enlightenment Intensive, Dyad Communication as a Tool for Self Realization by Lawrence Noyes Consciousness of Truth, *FREE* - donations requested A Manual for the The Enlightenment Intensive by Charles Berner and Mona Sosna Jack Wexler's video is the most effective introduction I have seen.

Can you really get enlightened in just three days? .

What are the benefits of doing an Enlightenment Intensive Retreat besides enlightenment?



Video poems by JJ:

The Law of the Mind

Feel the Winds

Like a Buddha
Warm Rain by Joel A. Brown

"Forest Whitaker carries with him a well-worn book on spiritual mysticism, Jeff Love's The Quantum Gods."

Last Updated:12/9/2013