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Experience True Magic With Liv Nightclub

Liv Nightclub

If you are a party animal and you love to dance the night away then visiting iconic nightclubs such as Queens nightclubs or Webster Hall NYC would definitely be on your bucket list. Another nightclub that garners a lot of global attention would be LIV Nightclub in Miami, Florida. Sure, there is no shortage of night clubs in Miami but this one is a must-visit because it is a cut above the rest. The nightclub boasts of opulence; in fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has managed to redefine Miami Beach’s nightlife and made it even more fabulous! LIV Nightclub is a fusion of a high-energy discotheque and an exclusive lounge. It is frequented by VIPs, celebrities and the uptown party crowd in Miami.

Located inside the posh Fontainebleau Hotel, LIV Nightclub measure about 18,000 square feet in terms of size. It boasts of lavish décor and impressive architectural design. In fact, irrespective of where you are inside the club you will be able to see the entire venue owing to the venue’s voyeuristic design. The nightclub beckons all kinds of party animals because the DJs here spin all genres of music from house to hip hop to pop! Of course, you don’t need to visit the nightclub just for partying and dancing, you can also hang out with your group in one of the six private skyboxes of the club. These skyboxes are the epitome of ultra-VIP treatment, they come with secured purse drawers, mini-bars, European bottle service, banquettes and so on.

LIV Nightclub is not just an average over-the-top nightclub, it also offers seductive go go dancers and is open for booking in case of special events and private parties. During such times, the nightclub stays closed to the public. The security system is very tight in case of LIV, only individuals who are twenty one years of age and older are allowed entry inside. However, not everybody gets to go past the velvet ropes and enter the nightclub. Upscale dress code applies here and an admission fee too. The massive nightclub is packed most of the times because the people here simply can’t get enough of the great music and the happening ambience! If you want to have a good time and a memorable night then LIV is the place to be!

Liv Party

Another reason that makes LIV Nightclub so enchanting is the fact that world famous DJs are invited to be the guest DJs here all the time. Some of the popular names would be DJ Nicky Romero, Danny Avila, DJ Irie, Max Vangeli, DJ Whoo kid and so on. Since popular DJs are given the privilege of playing their mixes at this elite venue all the time therefore the place always has good music and the atmosphere here is amazingly energetic. The party crowd at LIV is dominated by the youth. The grandeur of the place along with the presence of talented DJs and an energetic party atmosphere are the three primary factors that draw people to the nightclub.

LIV Nightclub is the place to be for those who are looking for a fun night out to enjoy the live music from their favorite DJs. The drinks here are expensive but the exclusive ambience justifies their expensive rates. The people who visit LIV are extremely loyal to it and they come back for the experience whenever they are visiting Miami. Some loyal fans also say that LIV has the best party atmosphere in comparison to all the other nightclubs in Florida. In fact, most of the cab drivers in Florida recommend this place to tourists who are looking for a good place to party in, just like how cab drivers in NYC would recommend Queens nightclubs or Webster Hall NYC to NYC tourists!

Best Nightlife This Week On Sky Room Club

SU-Design-1491674794Sky Room club designed as a rooftop bar or club. High in the sky the club the great and best rooftop bar lounge. The cube Balcony and the candlelight lounges high above in the skyline welcomes a large crowd every day. The sky room club gives the best of skyline views.

The champagne and wines which are served at the sky room night clubs. All other types of refreshing chillers, slushes, cocktails, vodka mixed with soda, lime juices flavored juices, creamy shakes, and lemonade are served. With the best quality and top rated drinks and beers enjoy your weekend nights with joy and excitement. The energy drinks give a burst of energy to the surrounding and make an atmosphere full of craziness. Alongside, Sky room club offers delicious foods and branches. The tasteful starters and snacks and desserts satisfy the crowd of the club. The energy drinks boost up the energy level of the crowd and make the sky room lounges echoing with the loud music.

Music played at the sky room is another way to turn over the boring weekend night into the fantastic fun evening. The up to date playlist, all types of hip-hop, and rock music let the people move their body and enjoy every beat of the music. Also, sky room rooftop bars features the hottest dancers to bring an atmosphere full of soothing. The skill full and outstanding dancers deliver the finest actions. The set of curves, twists, twirls and little jerks of the performers make these eye-catching dancing performances splendid.

The DJ’s, excellent musicians and the leading musical bands are the spots where one can have ultimate fun. Sky room rooftop bars also have the finest and clear sound system; the fully equipped and fully furnished rooftop bar lounges comforts the people with a fantastic skyline view.

Dim lights, velvet sofas, round tables, decorated walls, and gracefully designed furniture attain the attention of the citizens gathered at the sky room club. The beautiful and magnificent view from high above the roof is another main element that the club is full of people on the weekdays and on the weekend nights as well.

Be a part of the fun nights of the sky room club and enjoy the spectacular and stunning sky line views. High in the sky, enjoy your experience of clubbing at the sky room club.